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Rates and Forms.


There are no hidden fees. The mediation fees listed below include scheduling and administering of the mediation session, all preparation time, all pre-mediation meetings and telephone calls, the mediation session itself, refreshments, a working lunch for full-day mediations, and follow-up telephone calls and conferences as appropriate.

  • Full-day mediation: $2,000.00 per side

  • Half-day mediation: $1,250.00 per side

If there are multiple parties on the same side, the fee remains the same. So, for example, if there are multiple plaintiffs and multiple defendants, and the dispute between all the parties is functionally the same, the total fee per side is still $2,000.00.

We discourage half-day mediations, as they are often ineffective in the types of controversies we mediate. A half-day mediation is limited to 4 hours. If the parties anticipate that the mediation will exceed four hours, they should schedule a full-day mediation. If a half-day mediation extends past the allotted time, we will charge an hourly rate of $300.00 per side.

Location. Mediations can be held virtually or in person. We host in-person mediations at one of our offices, either in Houston or Dallas. We can hold mediations in other locations, including outside of Texas, provided the parties provide adequate meeting space for the mediation or, alternatively, pay the rental fees for meeting space (to be split evenly between both sides). When we mediate outside of the Houston or Dallas metropolitan areas, the parties are also responsible for paying our out-of-pocket travel expenses (again, to be split evenly between both sides).

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fees. A cancellation or rescheduling fee is charged only if the mediation is cancelled or rescheduled within three (3) business days of the scheduled mediation. The fee is equal to one side’s mediation fee and will be charged to the side that cancels or reschedules; otherwise, the fee will be split evenly between both sides. At the mediator’s sole discretion, and in appropriate circumstances, such as when we are able to schedule another mediation during the allotted time, or cancellation is caused by matters beyond the control of the parties, such as weather or illness, we may waive the cancellation fee.


The Mediation Intake Form should be submitted by e-mail no later than 48 hours before the mediation. Please submit this form even if you intend to prepare a separate pre-mediation statement.


Prior to the mediation, please also review our Rules for Mediation.


Once you have booked a mediation with us, you will receive by e-mail a Mediation Agreement that both sides must complete, sign, and return to us.​

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