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Our Philosophy.

We don’t waste
your time.

How many times have you gone to a mediation only to spend the first hour making polite small talk​ while drinking coffee and eating "free" pastries? Then comes a long lecture from the mediator, extolling the virtues of the settlement process and explaining ground rules you could repeat in your sleep—because you've heard them dozens of times before. Next are the opening breakout sessions, when you often have to educate the mediator about the facts and issues in dispute. You're asking yourself: did the mediator read anything we sent? It's at this point that you sometimes discover the mediator doesn't even understand your business or the specialized industry in which you operate.

It's now approaching noon, and the most pressing item on the agenda is apparently circling your selections on a take-out menu. By the time you're finished with the "complimentary" lunch, you feel like nothing's been accomplished. And you're probably correct.

That's not us. We get down to business right out of the gate. Our job is to resolve disputes, not serve you bagels and ask about your kids or summer vacation plans. Make no mistake: we're nice people and we're always happy to chat, but we know you're a busy professional who came to us to broker a deal so you can get back to running your business.

We speak
your language.

When trying to settle a dispute, nothing is more frustrating than a mediator who doesn't get it. Not with us, however. Together, we have worked at the intersection of the law and the energy industry for nearly 40 years. Not only do we have a granular understanding of the legal rules governing the industry, we are also intimately familiar with the intricacies of the business, the lingo, and the many practical considerations that are just as important as—indeed, frequently more important than—the cases, statutes, and regulations.


If you want a mediator who speaks your language, we look forward to hearing from you.

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