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Oil & Gas

Onshore or offshore, domestic or international, we can help settle your oil and gas dispute. Whether you are a publicly-traded corporation, an independent producer, an individual, an operator or non-operator, a buyer or seller of oil and gas properties, a lender or borrower, or an oilfield services company, we have the real-world industry experience—in the trenches, on the front lines—that distinguishes us from the many jack-of-all-trades neutrals who pass themselves off as oil and gas mediators. Our background spans the full spectrum of upstream, midstream, and downstream disputes, including those involving:

  • Royalties and revenue interests

  • Joint operating agreements

  • Leases and assignments

  • Farm-out agreements

  • Exploration agreements

  • Preferential rights to purchase

  • Participation in areas of mutual interest

  • Asset purchases and sales

  • Oilfield service agreements

  • Oilfield equipment and pipeline failures

  • Accounting procedures

  • Prudent drilling and workover operations

  • Hydraulic fracturing  

  • Pipeline condemnations and easements

  • Pipeline construction

  • Natural gas storage facilities

  • Employment and non-compete issues

  • Trade secrets theft and protection

  • Fiduciary duty claims

  • Secured and unsecured liens

  • Environmental and nuisance claims

  • Shale and non-conventional development

  • Bankruptcy and workouts​

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We are moving rapidly toward the integration of alternative energy with fossil fuels. This transition will only continue to accelerate in the years ahead, as investors, energy providers, and governments search for new and innovative ways to harness renewable energy sources. In this fluid, evolving environmentwhere the law is constantly adapting to shifting politics and technological advances—conflict is inevitable.


Our mediation practice embraces all aspects of the alternative energy sector, including:

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Biofuels

  • Energy storage

  • Hydroelectric power

  • Geothermal energy


We can assist with the resolution of alternative energy disputes of all stripes, including those involving:

  • Financing and investment capital

  • Joint ventures

  • Acquisition of land

  • Conflicts with mineral and surface owners

  • Title problems

  • Construction

  • Easements and rights of way

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